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Living Life Passionately: A Conversation with James Stellar

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In my own journey to find meaning and joy in my life, I've met James Stellar along the way.  James is the founder and director of the Spirit Nature Center for Consciousness, "A Spiritual Resource & Advocacy For Living Life Passionately."  James is also a generous and loving soul who has kindly shared his wisdom and insight with us, that we all might find what we seek.  Thank you, James!  (For more information on James and to contact him, please visit his website,

Health-Full Life: Please tell us a little about yourself and your work.

James StellarFor over twenty five years I have worked as a Spiritual Advocate assisting people to get in their bodies (as amusing as that sounds), to live a much more positive and authentic lives, to manifest their own unique creative passions, to learn to release and Heal  their aches and pains, and to reveal their Spiritual Brightness. 

Overall I have a passion to teach.  I have a real joy to awaken in others a greater Spiritual understanding, growth and wonder, wellness and wellbeing and see it blossom in the lives of the people I meet.

There are a great many illusions in life, so assisting others to witness the bright illumination of recognition is a powerful and profound moment. I have traveled the planet sharing my information and at the same time being greeted by others and their cultures, beliefs and practices. From all of this as well – and my Astral travels – I have developed a series of programs to Spiritually reveal individuals so that they can vibrate in a much higher frequency of authenticity and joy. Some actually learn to become Healers themselves. 

I get great joy in helping people to recognize their true selves, and the great cosmic joke of all is that I learn a great deal  and increase my own Spiritual Awareness in the process. When I am not traveling and teaching around the United States, I am home-based in San Francisco where I live aboard my yacht.

HFL: What led you to this work?

JS:  Essentially I have been looking at the opening into consciousness from a very early age.  When I was very little around one or two, I began to experience many altered state of consciousness that still resonate with me today. 
Along the way, I have witnessed many miracles and Healings, and out of these amazing events what is most interesting to me is that many people stuck in hospitals, clinics, and bedridden, really could be easily Healed from what ails them – simply with a willingness to be Healed.

 I have known many events before they have happened, some simply personal events with families and friends while on other occasions the ramifications had much greater consequence. On 9/10/2001 – I called specific Healers and warned them that we were at war, which was unfortunately borne out the next day to the entire planet.


 As my journey has continued,  I have traveled the planet to experience other beliefs and practices: Besides an immense number of people simply living life, I have met shamans in Africa, witnessed Buddhist monks chant in their temples in Asia, been to St. Peters in Rome, heard Gregorian Chants in monasteries in the mountains of Greece, watched trance dancers in Indonesia and met all sorts of psychics and seekers of differing vibrations and come to know various cults and gurus and their practices as well.  I have also stood alone in the vast expanses of the Kalahari and Namib deserts and peaks of mountains in snowy cold to observe many amazing and beautiful wonders of the planet…All of which has been my Journey of looking and listening to the seen and the unseen.

This great journey has brought me into contact with so many people each in their ways helping me to see truth out of illusion. As the old adage goes – wisdom can come in the unlikeliest of places – and what I also have found to be true - is that Wisdom is one of the rarest of planetary conditions.

I currently know very capable Clairvoyants and Healers and thoroughly enjoy the immense steps I see in the many people I work with seeking Truth into Happiness.

HFL: What is the most common thing people who come to you for help struggle with? 

JSPeople come to me for a variety of reasons with the dichotomy being  - those who have manifested a painful “dis – ease” and need Healing help and those simply wanting to lead a happier life, finding their lives out of balance, looking for more information to assist them on their paths.
The most common connection is the person who in some way is unsure of the path they have been on and realize that it hasn’t brought them real happiness.
Generally most people have confused competition – being right - and having a bar of perfection way too high, “winning the race of life” as being happy in life. Unfortunately this is not the case as this is simply forging ahead with being competitively right.
Recently a corporate executive came to me who had made a great deal of money, lived in an fabulous and immaculate chateau with all of the most expensive things, had nice cars, 3 children and a portrait on the wall with the entire family smiling. Their unhappiness, however, was immediately apparent and the first comment out of her mouth was: “Is this all there is?”
One of the biggest of planetary epidemics is that many people have a construct of Love in their Analytic minds while retaining the rejections of hate in their hearts. This is a very frustrating confusion about Life as the thoughts of finding Love are rejected by the Heart levels of not being good enough over and over again and again.
Coming into the Heart-Mind Vibration is letting go of rejection to know that you are ok right in this very moment.

HFL: How do you help them? 

JS:  I truly enjoy assisting people and seeing them grow and change which is immense process to watch and to go through. I have many programs designed to reveal truth from illusion and for an individual to get in touch with their Authentic self.

What most people are desperate for is to truly be recognized as the bright spirits that they are. This is very different from receiving attention, which people get every day for a wide variety of things they are doing both beneficial and/or harmful. 

Being Spiritually Recognized is essential to our well-being but for many it is a rare or fleeting Experience and that is what I do as a Clairvoyant is to find and see Spirit. This is the beginning step to the Healing process and of coming into Affinity. After this meeting, those individuals Who want to go on a Spiritual Path can utilize a great many programs and exercises I offer to assist them on their life journeys.

HFL: Can you share a few tips on how people can tap into their own joy? 

JSHere are a few simple guidelines for living a Happier and much more fulfilled life:

Be Present in Present Time

Nothing is Greater than You

Don’t take yourself seriously

Don’t take anything else seriously

Stay Amused at everything

Be Happy for Yourself and what you are doing in the moment

Only You determine your Happiness

Be Passionate about manifesting your unique creative genius

A passionate life means YOU must Create It

Meditate for at least 60 seconds a day

Listen to your thoughts

Listen to what you are saying

Listen to others

No Excuses

No Justifications 

Don’t try to prove you’re right

Be happy rather than right

No Performances

No Blame to others

No Shame to others

No Sarcasm towards others

Stay in the Positive


Laugh some more

Laughter is the greatest of Healings

Be in the Appropriate Moment
No fixing others

Keep Problem Solving to a Minimum with your friends

Give Little Gifts for No Reason Whatsoever - Whenever

You Do Everything for You - So Giving and Receiving is for You

Take Care for Changing and Growing for Yourself

Be Passionate About What it is You are Creating

Celebrate What Others Create

What You resist will persist

What you fear will appear

What I have revealed are not new concepts by any means. The difference is the Spirit Nature programs I have developed are designed to help clients break through aspects of their lives that they want to change without years of self-analysis. 

Everyone is on a Spiritual Path whatever their belief.
A Spiritual Path is finding the Richness, Depth and Brightness of You in the Moment.

Thank you, James!  And as James says, Light and Love! 

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